Why Become A Tranont Wealth Agent?

Ask yourself "How do I get infront of more qualified and interested people who understand the importance of having a protection policy?" This is your answer!

You see many professionals understand the importance of creating a network. With Tranont and Tranont Life you now have that synergy that enables you to focus on helping more families, as we are contracted with many of the largest insurance and financial companies in the market today. Our extensive industry contacts and our experience enable us to provide excellent products while maintaining our hands-on approach to clients.

Building Your Insurance Base Shop With Tranont Life

You have the opportunity to build in theory two businesses that are wrapped within one opportunity. As a licensed Life Insurance agent you will be able to "Maximize Your Insurance Efforts" just imagine that you could be writting more business each month, each week and/or each day! What would that do to your bottom line. The leads would be people who have the same vision and goals that you do and are ready to start the application process.

You cannot buy higher quality leads that fit into this any better.

As a Tranont Life Weatth Agent gives you the advantage of maximizing your potential earnings - no other company has done this before. With a average base shop override of 33% which would be an estimated extra $330,000 added onto any commissions that are paid on through your membership organization. .

Leverage your time and energy to following the same systems that we personally use - along the training guides that we already have in place to allow you to maximize your efforts.

We welcome you to personally contact us so, we can talk about how you and your team can get better results and maximize your personal earning potential.

Best wishes...