Build Your Business - With Success!

Creating your "Game Plan" and building the proper mindset gives you a huge advantage in building your business.

3 Simple Steps in Becoming Executive in 7 Days or Less.

You are part of one of the greatest financial opportunities that can pay you for generations. Helping you and your family manage, insure, monitor and protect your financial matters.

But, if you don't share this opportunity with others it become meaningless.

Step 1: Create Your Prospect List (Your Fab 5)

Start your Prospect List by making an inventory of every person who you would like to do business with. It is best not to prejudge anyone. Just start writing down names. A good start is at least 25 to 100 names.

  - People you have a common respect for
  - People you know who are looking to supplement or replace their current income
  - People who can afford to get started now
Step 2: The Invitation Process

Before you just start inviting people to an event, give them a first look through a two-on-one meeting, a sizzle line 3 way call or have them visit your website for more information. The business opportunity presentation will answer a lot of questions and they will be more likely to join your team at an event or meeting.

  - Tranont Sizzle Line:    Male Voice 866-845-1904      Female Voice: 866-256-3726
  - Your website
  - We have set up a team generic website if you would like to use.

There are many different ways to share the opportunity with your prospects. It doesn't matter how you present the opportunity as long as you present it!

When inviting people to an event or meeting - the less you say the better, because your only objective at this point is to get them in front of the business presentation. Don't attempt to explain the opportunity on the phone; because if you confuse 'em, you'll lose 'em! Let the business presentation answer their questions, just like it did for you!
Step 3: Ask Your Prospect To Join!

When the business presentation is over, ask them to join. Don't be affraid to ask your prospect to get started with you NOW. People want to be told what to do - when it is in their best interest. (Tranont Just Makes Sense) Most people will ask you what the next step it.

Teach Others To Do The Same
As far as the business building process, that's pretty much all there is to it. From this point, you simply repeat the process and teach your new business partners to do the same. Each time this process cycles, your team grows! As your team grows, your custome base expands, your income explodes!