Create a Referral Network...

Creating a Lead Generating Machine

And Make Extra Money!

As a Licensed Tranont Life Insurance Agent we would like to show you how you can literally create a lead generation machine while building a Tranont and Tranont Life business. What if... You where able to help just two more clients this week - What would that do for your livelihood.

What makes this unique is as an Licensed Life Insurance Agent you can participate in one or both if you choose...

Tranont has combined the power of Network Marketing and the structured growth of investment concepts...

Network Marketing


Financial Industry
Explosive Growth   Slow Growth
Smaller Commissions at First   Bigger Commissions at First
Word-of-Mouth Advertising   Word-of-Mouth Advertising

As a wealth advisor with Tranont Life - you will have a distinct advantage of having team members and non-licensed individuals referring people to you to get a free "Confidential Needs Analysis" on how they can invest, protect and insure the welfare of proper retirements along with estate tax strategy planning.

People who join Tranont can build a traditional network marketing business and participate in the Tranont Life side if they choose to become licensed agent.

Two types of agents:
1. Referring Agent - Want to refer people to a Wealth Advisor to write up policies for them and possibly their downline organizations. Commissions: based on contract levels and if there is a split.

2. Wealth Advisor - Is someone who wishes to write policies and build a base shop within the Tranont Life organization. Will be able to participate in both the residual side along with writing policies if so desired.

Referring Agent
Wealth Advisor
Licensed Tranont Life Agent   Licensed Tranont Life Agent
Want to just do MLM and Refer Clients   Professional & Knowledgable
Builds Teams of People   Highty Trained
    Assist Clients with Financial Solutions
    Can do both build MLM and be an Advisor

As a Licensed Weatth Advisor with Tranont Life you clearly will have the advantage of having more referrals that will turn into more profit for you. But, you will not have to convince people to purchase an investment plan after they fully go through the education process and see all of the benefits for themselves.

For the Referring Agent will get a smaller split for referring the client onto you the Wealth Advisor who in turn will complete the "Confidential Needs Analysis" and assist people in setting up a proper retirement structure.

For those who understand this concept we encourage you to look into the commission structures and the possibility of becoming a Base Owner.