Respond vs Reaction: You Decide

We all know that when speaking with individuals about Tranont or Tranont Life you may get some hesitation about people making a commitment to do this business or even just try the service/products. The 5 major objections that we get on a regular basis are:

Remember, in this fast paced society people are getting bombared from many different sources about home-based business and other business opportunity information. When people give you an objection or ask "what is it?" they are trying to decide whether it is worth their time or not to take a look.

One of the best ways to answer someone's objection is through a method called FEEL, FELT, FOUND... (Listen to handling objections using feel, felt, found) Using this method will allow you to handle most objections with ease and consistency.

As for one liner answers that get people out of their their comfort zone and get them thinking here are some examples.

The top 5 objections you will run into are:

Time/Busy Then you really need this because it sounds like you need the time. You see I am looking for people who are busy making things happen. Did you know the average person watches TV more than 10 hours per week? This is exactly why you need to take a look at Tranont.
  • I don’t have any Money
Don’t you think that’s a problem? If your life depended on raising $300 could you do that? Or if your TV broke down honestly, would you replace it?
  • Is this MLM?
What do you know about MLM? (Always ask what they know about Network Marketing because you will never know if they love it or hate it, that is why you need to ask.) If they love it... Usually, not an issue. But, if they hate it. Why? This is where the true objection with come into play and Feel, Felt, Found works wonders of handling this topic. I have learned many things about the industry, there are good and bad companies.

But, I believe that you could benefit from listening to an audio entitled “Brilliant Compensation.” Would you be open to that?
I’m not a salesperson
Well, fine, you’ll do well in our business. This is not a selling business; it’s a sharing and teaching business.
I want to think about it Great, because an informed decision is the best decision. I am not here to convince you about Tranont. I’m here to give you the hard facts. It’s up to you to do your homework and review all the facts. Just for my own information, what is it exactly you need to think about? (Wait for a response)

Respond vs. React
You can either react or respond to objections. People that respond are in control; people that react are being controlled. (You are interviewing them… is this the kind of person you want to work with? You have the power to walk away!)

Validate & Neutralize
Thank you
Take the power out of the objection
Make the person feel good
Hug the objection (Team Member Area)

Relax - remember to respond rather than react

  • I really appreciate your sharing with me…
  Thank you for bringing that up, because that is a common concern…  
  Great point and that is exactly why you should take a serious look at this…  
  I appreciate you bringing that up…  
  Great point…I forgot to address that…  
  Thank you for sharing that with me, I understand your concern…  
  I appreciate your point but let me explain my position…  

Don’t use verbal JUDO! Remember – you’re still interviewing them…is this, the kind of person you want to work with? You have the power to walk away!