What are you personally willing to do?

By examing what many top level money earners do in Network Marketing or Insurance industry you will find that they all recruit in different ways, yet they are all successful. They all follow a proven simple system. They talk to people, they tell the stories and they ask people to join them. How?

Connect - Present - Follow Up

It is our belief that everyone has different abilities, talents and desires. You can choose the actions that are best suited for your own personal talents and abilities.

When we first started in the MLM Industry my upline told me to "write down my goals and make a names list." Does this sound familiar? While I do believe that goals are very important and yes, everyone should start with their personal warm market, you will learn that we have applied many other techniques in building this business. It is our belief that one of the major reasons why people fail in this industry is that they do not have enough people to personally talk to. You will find more information about how and what we have found that works in the "Team Member Area."

Active Methods (now)
Passive Methods (future)
x Warm Market x Classified Ads
x 3' Rule x Internet Marketing
x Demo The Product x Tradeshows & Flea Markets
x Home Parties x Gold Calling Lists
x Referrals x Professional Campaigns
    x Direct Mail
    x Sizzle Cards
    x MLM Contacts
    x International Markets

Remember, the easiest, least expensive and fastest way to grow your Tranont International business is through Active Methods or Warm Market. These are things that you can do today to put someone into your business. Question? How would you like to work in your warm market the rest of your Tranont career?

Keep this simple...

Do-plicate over and over again...

Now, if you are still interested in working the Passive Market and generating leads understand that must be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to follow-up with people. When working in the Cold or Passive Market - you should have some skills and create a strong-enough why you are doing this business because you will learn to not be afraid of rejection... Being able to not let rejection bother you and move onto the next "NO". This Is what you need to cement in your brain. What if I asked you to go out and gather no's instead of the yes's, does that change your thinking a little bit?

Okay, you want to start building some other Passive Methods for gathering leads. Start with one method and focus on that one marketing method along with working your Active Process. (Do not get to busy)

I want to give you an example: Lets say that you decide that you want to do a tradeshow - great. You book it, get your displays and handout ready. The day the tradeshow starts it now becomes an Active Process you need to work tradeshow to gather potential names (leads) that are interested in what you are offering... Better financial control, time freedom and more money. You have to follow up with people who showed interest. By running them through the same process of... Make a connection - Presenting the message - Follow up by asking people to join.

In our business we have developed different methods that we feel works for us when it comes to Passive Methods but, we continue to build relationships with individuals through the Active side of recruiting. We can talk about marketing methods to generate leads for hours, just remember a person calling you from a ad does not have a relationship with you yet - you need to develop it over time and continue to follow-up with your leads.