Income Model or Do-Plication Model

Disclaimer - This is for education purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will make this amount. It is based on perfect duplication that happens within ones organization. (Experience, personal contacts and drive, knowledge are all major factors in building a successful "Network Marketing" business.)

Understanding Business Units (Individual Business Centers)

Based on maximizing the compensation plan: For serious business builders. The most you will spend in this compensation plan is $115 per month. Duplicatable building blocks. 1. Check Qualified  2. Rank Qualified
See: Compensation Plan (pdf)

Take The Next Steps
1. Register
2. Activate your "Tranont Suite Membership" Applications
  Customer - Free and $59 per month
  Executive Plan - $349.00
    $349 - Initial Investment
$115 - Monthly Membership Fee (1st Month included in Initial Investment)
$49 - Year renewal fee

(Tranont's Executive Pack includes: Tranont Oneview, Tranont Defend, Tranont Taxbot and Tranont Education. Also, includes My Tranont Marketing Platform, Replicated Website and Tranont Associate Center.)

3. Use Tranont's Marketing System to start sharing the story and take control of your own financial future.


Our steps are pretty simple - We really don't want to complicate this

1st Goal: Become Check Qualified
  Purchase a Executive Pack to maximize the compensation plan payouts
  Sponsor 3 Executives to get paid $100 monthly residual. We call this the "Get 3 Your's Free" program.
  Complete your FREE "CNA" - Confidential Needs Analysis
2nd Goal: Drive to Financial Consultant (FC)
  Help 3 get 3 Executives to receive a $500 per month "Jeep" bonus.
  Become a Tranont Life Insurance Agent - Must pass state test.
Building Blocks

When you look at the Tranont Compensation Plan you will notice that you need to personally sponsor 10 active individuals to reach the highest rank of CEO or the top level in the Tranont Compensation plan. This is why we have the website -

Let's concentrate on what it would take for you to change your financial situation. Would $500, $1,200, $3,500, $5,500 or $10,000 per month do it?

It is recommended for those individuals who want to make serious money, get out of debt faster or build your retirement portfolio become a Tranont Life Agent... You can decide later if you want to become a Referring Agent or a Wealth Advisor.

  Drive to Financial Consultant (FC) - You will now receive a Jeep Bonus plus $100 in monthly residual income. But, on the Tranont Life side you are now Contracted at the 40% level.
  Senior Financial Consultant (SFC) - $500 in monthly residual - $500 Jeep Bonus - 1 Share in Management Bonus Pool upto $700 - $100 Life Bonus - 50% Contract Level.
    3 Leg organization who each reach the level of Senior Financaial Consultant (SFC) will take you to the level of 2 Star SFC which will pay $3500 in monthly residual - $500 Jeep Bonus - 3 Shares in Management Bonus Pool upto $2,000 - $300 Life Bonus - 50% Contract Level.
The "Power of 1" Principle

When you hear people say take massive action when building your business they go hard and fast for a period of time - 90 Day Challenge.... You have the power to change your life in a big way all in 90 Days or less.

To maximize the Tranont Compensation Plan you need to personally sponsor 10 Active Executives... The key here is to see the difference of working with 3 people who duplicate themselves or the possibility of adding more people to work with. The goal is to have 10,000 people with your organization to achieve the Rank of CEO.

Duplicate by 3 + 1 Duplicate by 4 + 1 Duplicate by 5 + 1 Dupliate by 6 +2 Duplicate by 8 + 2 Duplicate by 10
3   4   5   6   8   10
9   16   25   36   64   100
27   64   125   216   512   1,000
81   256   625   1,080   4,096   10,000
243   1,024   3,125   6,480   32,768    
729   4,096   15,625   38,880        
2,187   16,384                
You can build your business fast or slow - by rule taking a serious approach means taking massive action. You have the ability to personally sponsor someone and place them within your organization. The Builder Bonus Pool will give you 1 Share per 6 people personally sponsored.