Tranont Compensation Plan

7 Different Ways to Get Paid

Monthly Team Bonus
Car "Jeep" Bonus
Life Bonus
Three Separate Bonus Pools (Builder, Management and Executive)
Retirement Bonus
Tranont Life Commissions
Promotional Trips and Incentives
Retail Preferred Customer Acquisition Bonus
Monthly Team Bonus
You qualify for the Monthly Team Bonus as soon as you have three personally sponsored active Associates.  We refer to this first step as “Get 3 – Get Your Product for Free.”  As long as you maintain three personally sponsored, active associates, you will receive a $100 monthly bonus which is the exact cost of the financial monthly utility.  This bonus will increase as your group volume (GV) and personally sponsored associates increase (Click here for product pricing details)
Car "Jeep" Bonus

The Car Bonus (or Jeep™ Bonus) is paid to Tranont Associates when they attain the rank of Financial Consultant.  This is our “Drive to FC” program. Tranont will pay $500 per month for you to use toward the purchase or lease payment of any Jeep™ vehicle or you have the option of getting paid $250.

Use the "Get 3 Help 3" is the easiest way for you to earn this bonus.

Life Bonus
The Life Bonus is paid to Tranont Associates when they attain the rank of Senior Financial Consultant.  Once you attain this rank, Tranont will contribute toward your new or existing Tranont Life insurance policy.  As your rank increases, the contribution increases up to the maximum allowed under the program.
Bonus Pools
Tranont Associates are also compensated through three separate bonus pools.  Associates participate in the Builder’s Bonus Pool by personally sponsoring new Associates.  An Associate earns 1 share of a 2% bonus pool for every 6 new associates that they personally sponsor.  Associates reach the Management Pool when they attain the Senior Financial Consultant rank.  The management Pool pays up to 5 shares of a 4% Pool.  Finally, those that reach the rank of Vice President will participate in the Executive Pool which pays up to 4 shares of a 9% bonus pool.
Tranont Life Commissions
As a Tranont Life licensed professional, you have access to a powerful suite of products that can help individuals everywhere achieve their insurance and financial related goals. As you promote and sell these products you will be compensated with an extremely competitive compensation and promotion program. In addition, you will be able to grow with Tranont Life through the various promotion levels, all the while earning you an income that will help you achieve your personal financial goals.
Perks and Incentives

Tranont regularly conducts promotions and other incentive programs to encourage it’s Associates and Agents to build and improve their financial futures as well as those around them.

Imagine being able to go on dream vacations - places that you would only hope to go with your loved one. With Tranont you have the opportunity to truely live the life of your dreams.

Retail Services Commission Percentages

Individuals that you contact may not want to participate in the amazing Tranont business opportunity, but may simply want to use the various Tranont products and services. These individuals are referred to as Preferred Customers.

Accounts Commissions  
1 - 10 Accounts 10%  
11 - 20 Accounts 15%  
21 - 30 Accounts 30%  
Tranont Retail Services Commission Table Amount Term
Oneview $9 Life*
Tranont Tax App (Taxbot) $9 Life*
Tranont Legal $18 Life*
Tranont Defend - Identity & Credit $18 Life*
Tranont Defent - Computer & Tech Support $36 Life*
Direct TV & Dish Network $30 2 Years*
Merchant Processing (National Processing) 50% of received profits Life*
Business Phone (Jive) 40% of received profits Life*
Business Defend 50% of received profits Life*
Background Check (Victig) 50% of received profits Life*
Tranont Tax Service 50% of received profits Life*
Tranont Credit Repair 50% of received profits Life*
* As long as customer continues paying for the service(s)  

*The hypothetical examples used above are for explanatory purposes only and are not meant to imply that it is typical. Success as a Tranont Associate is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual’s specific effort. Not all Tranont Associates make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as a Tranont Associate. Please see qualifications and complete rules by clicking on Compensation Details above.