Tranont Life - Client Needs Analysis (CNA)

Print or Download: Two Page Fast Start CNA Sheet (pdf)
Print or Download: One Page Insurance Explaination Sheet (pdf)
Print or Download: CNA Form - Client Information Sheet (pdf)
Print or Download: Fidelity & Guarentee "Global Advantage Gold Brochure"

Before you can do a proper "CNA - Client Needs Analysis" you need to know what the persons needs, concerns, wants and desires are. Both short and long term goals are important - this will lead you to what or how much money the individaul wants.

Two different ways to do a CNA: 1. For the end consumer who does not want to be involved in the Tranont Opportunity. 2. For Tranont Associates who wish to create a smart "Banking System" for themselves.

Fast Start with CNA "Client Needs Analysis" for Tranont Associates by Sarah Spencer
Recording Time: 45 Minutes

Two Forms:

  1. Two Page Fast Start CNA Sheet
  2. Fidelity & Guarentee "Global Advantage Gold Brochure


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